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Beeswax Busy Bee Bundle
Beeswax Busy Bee Bundle
Beeswax Busy Bee Bundle
Beeswax Busy Bee Bundle
Beeswax Busy Bee Bundle
Beeswax Busy Bee Bundle
Beeswax Busy Bee Bundle
Beeswax Busy Bee Bundle

Beeswax Busy Bee Bundle

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Busy Bee Bundle

1 Salad bag

1 Cheese bag

1 Sandwich bag

1 Snack bag

1 FREE 3-Pack food wraps

The busy bee bundle will cover all the bases. Whether you are busy with the kids or hustling to get ahead in life the busy bee bundle will have you covered. 1 of each of the beeswax food bags and a free 3 pack of wraps will have you easily storing any food you have, from salad and sandwiches too nuts and fruit, and keeping them fresher for longer.

Handmade in NZ with pure cotton fabric infused with a unique blend of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. Beeswax Salad bags are easy to use making them super convenient for you to store your fruit and veges. Beeswax acts like a natural barrier (similar to how the skin of a fruit protects the flesh), but it’s still breathable so food stays fresher, longer.

To use simply pinch the top edges so it sticks together and fold down to seal the goodness inside. Once you’ve finished with your Salad bag, wash with cold water and dishwashing liquid then let dry, out of direct sunlight and reuse.

Advantages of Beeswax wraps and foodbags: 

  • Keep your food fresh, fruit, veges, bread, pastry, nuts, use it on just about everything. But don’t stop at just food also good for wrapping soap, shampoo bars, and toiletry items when traveling.  

  • Anti-bacterial property from honey 

  • Breathable material keeps food fresher, longer

  • Stylish (can match to your home decor)

  • Easy to stick on with the warmth of our hands 

  • Wash and reuse - eco friendly 

  • Can be used in both fridge and freezer (when removing from the freezer give the wrap/food bag a few minutes to defrost to avoid cracking)

  • Natural material - beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil and pure cotton. 

  • Easy to use, easy to clean 

  • Sustainable and compostable

Care instructions:  

Hand wash between uses with cool water and dishwashing detergent, allowing it to dry completely before storing in a cool, dry place.  

Always avoid heat - no microwaves, prolong direct sunlight, dishwashers or hot water - and do not use with raw meat or anything that will require hot water to wash for hygiene sake. Hot water may change the consistency of the beeswax wraps and foodbags.  

Smelly food may transfer smell onto the material.